Shaby making lamb tagine

Shaby Heltay (nee Ranganathan) was born in Jerusalem but grew up in Whitby, Ontario. Shaby?s mother, Sara, is from northern Iran, and her father, Shmuel, is from southern India. Both of her parents are outstanding cooks ? in fact, they met while they were both working in the kitchen of the world famous Chateau Montebello Resort in Quebec. Shaby?s father is famous for his chicken biriyani (a classic Indian dish of spiced rice and meat), and her mother serves up the world?s best garlic baba ghanoush (eggplant dip). Shaby?s mother-in-law, Bonnie, is also an accomplished cook: a self-taught pastry chef who started the hugely successful Baked Expectations pastry shop in Winnipeg.
Shaby in her kitchen

Shaby picked up her father?s passion for food at an early age ? before being a ?foodie? was cool ? and learned to cook by watching her parents in the kitchen. She is in her second year of the Professional Pastry Arts program at George Brown College, the top culinary school in the country. Shaby is currently working on a cookbook, and is excited about the launch of her new website,

Shaby LOVES cooking for her very grateful (and hungry) husband, Evan, and also enjoys giving cooking demonstrations and doing home catering. She enjoys cooking from a wide variety of cultures: Italian, Mexican, Moroccan, French, Chinese, (you name it) but for her, nothing beats the comforting flavours on which she was raised ? Indian and Persian food ? that remind her of home.

Shaby and Evan in India

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