A SpicyKosher catered Indian dinner consists of 4 dishes for $39 per person. This includes a meat item, a vegetable item, a rice OR lentil dish, and a dessert (choose one from each category). Fresh naan can be added for $3 per person. Email shaby@spicykosher.com to order!



Tandoori Chicken
tender chicken thighs marinated in our signature tandoori sauce?and char-broiled. Our most popular dish!

Cardamom Chicken
an aromatic curry made with an unexpected blend of spices

Chicken Jalfrezi
chicken thighs braised in a low-fat, tomato and onion-based?curry sauce

Chicken Kurma
our most sumptuous dish. Chicken braised in a rich coconut, cashew and poppy seed curry sauce

Beef Vindaloo
tender chunks of beef in a fiery hot and tangy curry

Spiced Ground Lamb in Lettuce?Cups
as hot as you want it!


Hot and Sour Curry
eggs poached in a sour and spicy Indian tomato sauce

potatoes roasted in a house blend of spices and dehydrated mango

Aloo Palak
potatoes cooked in a traditional?spinach-based curry sauce

Vegetable Jalfrezi
any vegetable you like, in a low-fat tomato-based?curry sauce

any vegetable you like, in?a rich coconut, cashew and poppy seed curry sauce

(Popular options for vegetable curries include: potatoes, okra, chickpeas, eggplant,?mushrooms,?pumpkin and cauliflower.)


Classic Basmati Rice
fluffy and aromatic Indian rice, perfect for soaking up any delicious curry sauce

Lime Pilaf
a treasured?family recipe. Hot and sour basmati rice studded with curry leaves, mustard seeds and roasted almonds

Mango Pilaf
aromatic?basmati rice tossed with chilies, shredded mango and crunchy lentils. Hot, sweet and tart.

Coconut Pilaf
nutty and rich, spicy and a little bit sweet!

Garlic Daal
stewed red lentils topped?with roasted garlic, spices and garlic?oil

Caramelized Onion Daal
stewed red lentils topped with caramelized onions, spices and caramelized onion oil


traditional?rice or vermicelli pudding studded with raisins and nuts

Coconut Mango Pavlova
individual coconut meringues topped with whipped coconut cream and fresh, ripe mango

Mango Upside-Down Cake
individual cardamom cakes topped with caramelized mango

traditional moulded Indian ice cream made pareve!?Available in rose, coconut, cardamom & pistachio, almond & sweet curry

Garam Masala Brownies
a spicy brownie for the adventurous eater

*Orders for Shabbos must be placed by Tuesday night.

**4-person order minimum; no split orders (sorry!)

Pickup is in the Bathurst and Glencairn area.

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