Chef Shaby Heltay?is proud to offer SpicyKosher’s first-ever a la carte Pesach menu! Your friends may be going away to?fancy?Passover resorts, but you can still eat better than they will. Our creative, flavourful dishes will take your seder to the next level.

Kitniyot-free ? Gebrokts

items are priced per person (unless listed otherwise)


Persian charoset with nuts, raisins and dates (kitniyot-free) ? 3.5

Wild mushroom soup (fleishig) with parsley cream ? 4.5

Spicy celery root soup (fleishig) with chive oil ? 4.5


Spicy Hungarian chicken paprikash with mushrooms – 16

Moroccan chicken tagine with olives and grilled lemon – 17

Chili maple-glazed beef short ribs – 18

Spicy ground lamb in endive cups – 17

Hot and sweet Moroccan lamb tagine with honey, almonds, prunes and raisins – 23

Garlic-roasted lamb shanks with romesco sauce – 23

Braised lamb shoulder roll with roasted honeycrisp apples and onions; apple gravy ? 25

Wine-braised veal osso buco with gremolata – 25


Arugula salad with apricots, almonds,?beets two ways; apricot vinaigrette ? 7.50

Kale salad with red onion, cashews and mango; mango-horseradish vinaigrette ? 7.50

Garlic celery root pur?e with chives ? 5.50

Classic mashed potatoes with crispy fried onions ? 5.50

Lemony Moroccan potato salad ? 5.50

Garlic and thyme-roasted cauliflower, carrots and onions ? 5.50

Ginger?and?honey-roasted sweet potatoes with salted?pecans ? 6.00


French apple cake (10-inch round) ? 35

Flourless chocolate & hazelnut torte with raspberries (10-inch round) ? 40

Individual toasted coconut pavlovas with mango – 10

Individual chocolate pavlovas with fresh berries – 10

Last day to place orders is Wednesday March 25th.

For questions regarding kashrut standards or to place your order, contact Shaby at or 416-894-7490.

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